Guest Chenoo

Guest Chenoo
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While camping deep in the forest, a young couple find themselves host to a monster called a Chenoo. Realizing that they will not win a fight with such a creature, they tame him with kindness. Risking her safety and that of her husband, the young woman takes a final act of compassion that fully humanizes the former monster. The story reminds me of a true story from Native American lore. Two tribes ended generations of deadly war by pledging to always greet each other with the words, ?I see that you are human.? It took some time, but eventually all fighting stopped forever more. The message here is clear. An enemy is simply someone for whom we have no compassion. Add back that compassion, and we lose the enemy. This story from the Wabanaki people of North America is Track 3 on Quiet Heroes: Stories of Courage and Compassion. Approximately 16 minutes.
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